AREA-23 is a Bangkok-based music and pop culture merchandise store that offers a range of t-shirts from rock and metal stars such as METALLICA, SLIPKNOT, NIRVANA, or BRING ME THE HORIZON to rising pop stars from POST MALONE to TAYLOR SWIFT. Plus, there are various options for famous movies and anime, from THE GODFATHER to SPY X FAMILY.

It was founded in 2018 by a group of music enthusiasts who have shared their unique taste in music and fashion during meetups in Bangkok’s heavy music scene for decades. The team found that there is no simple way for the people in the scene to obtain official merchandise from their favorite band, and that’s where we fill the gap.

We not only provide ready-to-ship products, but we also offer an ordering service to help you get everything from the international website that doesn’t easily ship to Thailand or bring you the stuff that isn’t in our current stock because the only thing we want from our customer is to see their happy faces when they hold their favorite merchandise in their hands.

With countless customers throughout the year, AREA-23 is now on the right track to connect more fans to more bands. Check out our storefront location on this page, and let’s meet when you need some cool merch in Bangkok.

At AREA-23, we understand the importance of connecting fans with their favorite artists. Our merchandise is more than just fabric; it’s a way for you to shout your love for them as loudly and proudly as possible—and, of course, with style.